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Meet the Artist

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An emergency nurse by profession, Cherie began her painting journey when she sought to find a craft that would create stillness and light. In 2019, she began to paint. From the moment she picked up a brush, she was captivated by the journey that creating art brought her.

As a West Coast native, Cherie draws inspiration for her work from her hometown along British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast and the sprawling Rocky Mountains she currently calls home.

Cherie has worked with a variety of subject matter to create a style that is uniquely her own and often nature-inspired. 

Her art has been featured in shows for Mastrius, the Leighton Art Centre and the Square Foot Show and she is continually building her skills through mentorship programs.

In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cherie created Art for the Frontline, an initiative to bring art donations to frontline workers while providing them an opportunity to share their stories. In 2021, over 35 pieces of art were noted to frontline workers with over 260 nominations submitted. 

When she’s away from her paintbrush, Cherie loves to travel to new countries with her husband and spend time with her family and two lovely dogs. An avid explorer and nature fanatic at heart, she can often be found hiking, kayaking, and exploring new scenery in the Rockies (and usually gathering inspiration for her next masterpiece while she’s at it!).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What mediums do you use?

I paint with acrylic medium. All of my paintings are prepped and varnish finished for the highest quality.

How can I learn more about your upcoming work?

If you’re curious about upcoming work, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also visit my Instagram or shop, where I post work for sale.

Are you accepting commissions?

I occasionally accept commissions. Please contact me to discuss.

How can I donate art for Art for the Frontline?

If you’re interested in donating art or nominating a frontline worker, please visit the Art for the Frontline page for additional information and nomination forms.

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