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Art for the Frontline

The Full Story

In 2020, Cherie was redeployed full time as an emergency nurse to the frontline following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a time where herself and other frontline healthcare workers were working diligently under some tougher conditions, Cherie discovered the amazing art community of friends and mentors who provided her with support.  Just as the art community helped her, Cherie felt that the connection of thanks through art and that community could uplift her colleagues who may be struggling and Art for the Frontline was born.

In exchange for a donated piece of art, the artist learned “the story” of the staff member nominee that received the piece, allowing frontline workers to tell their stories while being recognized for their resilience and dedication to the community. 

In 2021, Art for the Frontline received over 260 nominations and 35 pieces of artwork were donated to our frontline workers.

This year, we have 5 donations to the National Emergency Nurse Conference and 20+ additional works of art for this year’s nominees. 

Art for the Frontline: About

Nominate a Frontline Worker

Do you know a frontline worker who has made an impact on the community? Fill out our nomination form to nominate them for Art for the Frontline. Please forward completed nominations to

Art for the Frontline Nomination form

Art for the Frontline: Files


We would like to thank all of our talented artists who have generously donated their work to Art for the Frontline.

We’re pleased to share this gallery of donated pieces. Please visit the artists websites to learn more about their work.

Are you an artist who would like to donate a piece to Art for the Frontline? Please contact me to learn more. 

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Art for the Frontline: Selected Work
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